Phantom Diaries

This is a New Adult Contemporary Paranormal Romance that retells the story of The Phantom of the Opera in modern times with a supernatural twist. Appropriate for age 17 and up.

The Phantom Diaries Collection Books 1-3

Before Fifty Shades, there was the Phantom, and in this version of the classic Gaston Leroux Phantom of the Opera, Kailin Gow weaves a tale of love, lust, betrayal, revenge, and hope in this stunning romantic drama.

What happens to the Phantom after the tragedy at the Paris Opera House is the basis for this fantastic tale of The Phantom Diaries, loosely based on Gaston Leroux’s classic, The Phantom of the Opera, but with a new tale and a modern twist. This new series for older teens and young adults is told through the eyes of 18 year-old Annette Binoche, who lands a job at the New York Metropolitan Opera House as a seamstress’ assistant only to become the lead singer of the Opera House, with the help of the mysterious, yet highly-seductive Phantom.


Dark Memories
Immortal Darkness
Dark Victory


Dark Beginnings
Dark Phantom