Beautiful Beings


5 out of 5 Stars – “Another great read from Kailin Gow.” – Books, College, and Other Random Things
5 out of 5 Stars – “A lovely story to follow, with amazing conversations, heart felt choices. surprising the reader further as you read it.” – Kimi’s Reviews
4 out of 5 Stars – “the female hero is great and smart strong and i want more!” – Marianita

Beautiful Beings Full Set Books 1 - 4


In Beautiful Beings, the realm of the spiritual world where angels and demons walk the earth is revealed in a captivating story about a girl named Lux, who is gifted with the ability to see the spiritual realm and to use this gift to save souls. Part gothic, part love story, part thriller; Beautiful Beings introduces a feisty heroine, the hypnotic otherworldly beautiful classmates she meets at an exclusive boarding school, and the love she could never have.

Heaven and Hell
Shadow Light
Angel Mark – To Be Determined