Kailin Gow’s Go Girl TV Series First Season Ends in September 2016. New TV Series Line Up Starts Up Fall 2016.

Kailin Gow’s Go Girl TV Series not only introduced Travel Must-Sees in England, Hollywood, and Las Vegas this first season, but the multi-award-winning bestselling author and host Kailin Gow tackles long-held gender and destination myths with a positive and empowering spin.

Kailin Gow’s Go Girl Travel Series

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Kailin Gow’s The Perfect Cup Travel and Food Series Debuts Fall 2016

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Kailin Gow’s The Crazy Ones Debuts Fall 2016


Dubbed as an “Innovator” by the book industry, Kailin Gow hosts a show highlighting innovators who took risks and was considered “crazy” for their risks based on Steve Jobs’ term “the crazy ones”.


Author A Parody Debuts Fall 2016 in English and Chinese

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A dramedy about book boyfriends, life and drama as a steamy romance author, and a little magic from an unexpected source.

Coming Soon!

Kailin Gow’s Mysterious Teacher, the Prequel Book to the International Bestselling PULSE Series, Goes into Pre-Production as a Film for Release in 2017

For Immediate Release

Mysterious Teacher, the prequel book to multi-million books selling indie author Kailin Gow’s popular book series, PULSE Vampire Series, was optioned by Girls Will Be Girls Productions, and gets a film release date of 2017.

Mysterious Teacher by Kailin Gow
Mysterious Teacher by Kailin Gow is a prequel series to the bestselling PULSE Vampire Series.  It is releasing in January 2016 with a feature film to follow in 2017. The feature film of the same title, Mysterious Teacher, is now in pre-production.

Mysterious Teacher, an action fantasy thriller horror dramedy, will be released first as a book in January 2016, and the film will be released in 2017. Fans of the popular PULSE Series by Kailin Gow will be able to follow progress of the filming, including clues from scenes from the film when the book releases. Fans will be able to follow the film and answer questions in order to win prizes such as a walk on role in the film, swag from the film, an autographed copy of the book from the director and author, and an autographed copy of the DVD. A prequel series to the popular ya fantasy action drama series PULSE Series by Kailin Gow, Mysterious Teacher, promises to be an action thriller filled with twists and turns. Like the bestselling ya novel, PULSE Series, the adaptations of Mysterious Teacher and PULSE from book to film will be appropriate for age 13 and up.

Mysterious Teacher, described on IMDB, is about, “an outcast teen who is having trouble fitting into her new school meets and befriends the mysterious new substitute teacher Ms. Skyrah Young, who doesn’t seem quite human.”
With less than twenty percent of films directed by women in Hollywood, Kailin Gow, who is also a filmmaker, will be the film’s auteur. She will directing and acting in the film.
“This film will be true to the book,” Ms. Gow said. “Because of the strong vision I have for the entire project including the book, the site, and the film; I am excited to have such an amazing creative part in this film. My favorite directors are film auteurs like Woody Allen, Tarantino, Coppola, Hitchcock, Tim Burton, and Peter Jackson.”
Kailin Gow gained recognition and acclaim as an award-winning author and indie pioneer in digital book publishing since publishing bestselling books since 2001. Her books have sold millions of copies, and have won awards from the American Library Association, Independent Book Publishers Association, and International Book Awards, and the Green Book Festival. Prior to becoming a full-time author and filmmaker, Kailin Gow held management positions at Fortune 100 corporations. She holds a Masters degree from the University of Southern California in Communications Management and undergraduate degrees in Drama and Social Ecology from the University of California at Irvine. Goodreads executives calls her an “Author as Influencer” and an “Innovating Author”. Amazon featured her on their homepage as an Author Success Story. As an authority on women and girl’s issues especially body image and self-esteem, Kailin Gow has appeared on numerous radio shows and television. She has spoken as a bestselling author at the Book Expo America and at Asian Heritage Week.

GIRLS Will Be GIRLS Productions
Not only is she a prolific bestselling author with over 200 books in multiple genres published, but she is a hard-working female filmmaker who wears many hats with several film, television, video, games, and audio books projects in various stages of development and production. “I began publishing books because there weren’t books like the ones I wanted to write available at the time, and publishers weren’t planning on publishing these books because they were not traditional stories or what was trending at the time. Same with the kinds of films I want to produce and release…there aren’t certain voices and viewpoints being told which would add an unique take to a story. From my experience writing, publishing, and being able to sell millions of books telling stories that are from my voice and perspective, I believe there is a place for films like mine. Girls Will Be Girls Productions is taking that chance and being a ‘disrupter’ to the norm for it, which for I am extremely grateful.”

Girls Will Be Girls Productions is a production company based in Southern California.

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UNASSUMED: Zara Zee and the Unassuming Case of the Billionaire Heir has released!

UNASSUMED is a #1 Bestselling Book on Amazon and a Top 10 Bestselling Book in International Crime and Thriller

Unassumed is #1 Bestseller on Amazon for Literature

Kailin Gow’s exciting mixed genres novel, UNASSUMED, is now available through Amazon and BN.com. Soon iBooks and Kobo.com.  This full-length novel bends genres as action, martial arts, mystery, crime, and steamy romance are blended seamlessly into a fun action-packed read.

With sample chapters translated into Chinese, Bangla, and other Asian languages (UNASSUMED takes place in Hong Kong), and released first in samples on Asian sites in anticipation of the full novel’s translated releases, UNASSUMED is now released in English on Amazon, BN.com, and soon iBooks and Kobo.

UNASSUMED 1 by Kailin GowUnassumed (Chinese Cover)UNASSUMED Cover in Bangla

A new kind of romantic heroine who not only is sexy and all woman but tough and smart takes the stage in Zara Zee, a young investigator of the Organized Crime Unit in Hong Kong.  At the top of her field, she goes undercover to help solve a string of kidnappings involving the billionaire heirs to multinational conglomerates.

In the process, she meets and protects bad boy American actor Leopold Lee, who happens to be the estranged son and heir to Lee Holdings, one of Hong Kong and the food world’s largest conglomerate.  He is the next target of some ruthless and intelligent kidnappers who have already committed a horrendous kidnapping and murder, which Zara witnesses and failed to stop.  Pitted in a situation of intense danger, they could not ignore the obvious chemistry between them, but Zara is a professional, and she must have all her senses clear and sharp around her.

When Zara becomes the target and finds herself in a perilous and impossible situation; she finds out who really can she trust, and together with Leo and Zara’s close friend British officer Peter Brock, they discover the unassuming case of the billionaire heir is more than what it seems and that finding out who is after Leo is just the beginning to uncovering one of the biggest plans set thousands of years ago.

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