Brainy Yogis

Brainy Yogis (TM)

An educational video series that combines fitness, foreign language, and fun!

ABCs Brainy Yogis

Brainy Yogis(TM) ABCs covers the entire alphabet with yoga poses and an object or animal spoken and written in English, Chinese, and Spanish in a fun, easy-to-follow DVD for preschoolers through 7 years old. Using sight reading, learning by movement, and visual and auditory aid; children will have the potential to pick up new words in three languages while exercising.

Everyday Words - Brainy Yogis

Brainy Yogis (TM) Everyday Words covers new vocabulary by introducing words that are used in a typical day around the home.  Using sight words, yoga moves, auditory and visual aid; new vocabulary for toddlers, preschoolers up to 7 year olds are introduced in English, Chinese, and Spanish.