An International Publisher

Sparklesoup Inc. is a mid-size publisher of books for all ages and a producer of videos, games, and other entertainment and/or educational content since 2001. With over 500 books published in over 25 countries, Sparklesoup is a U.S.-based publisher that publish its books in English, Chinese, and Spanish, recognizing these languages as the most widely read languages in the world.

Many of Sparklesoup books have been translated into different languages besides Chinese and Spanish and have won awards, hit the Top 100 bestselling lists of its genres, and is in development or production into games, television series, or film.

Woman-owned and Minority-owned

Sparklesoup Inc. is a Nevada corporation run and managed by a woman and minority in the U.S., prolific bestselling author Kailin Gow, who first established Sparklesoup as a means to introduce books with community-oriented and social issues themes, a month following 9/11, where she introduced a fantasy series for middle grade readers with resources to help kids deal with the 9/11 psychological effects, while donating part of the proceeds to the American Red Cross.

Kailin Gow continued publishing books with social themes but have branched out to adults especially women-focused books, including steamy series, with a resource at the end for domestic violence, human trafficking, and other social issues.

Here is an interview with founder and bestselling author Kailin Gow, recognized as an authority in independent publishing, women’s issues, and female empowerment around the world.