New Books Releasing in September and October 2016 from Kailin Gow

Get ready for Summer in the Fall!


Summer's Landing Cover 1



I Can. Not. Believe. It.
Another tragedy. Another death. Now the man I am set to marry…the man I want to marry is hovering between life and death. We’ve just found his missing brother who had been under a different identity, a different life all this time. He’s back in our lives…my fiance’s smart, genius, and now hotter than ever older brother, who happens to be my first love since childhood…just to now have my fiance close to death.

How ironic? It’s like the stars do not want us together. It’s like we will never be together…my fiance and I. I don’t know what to do…I don’t know if I can do anything.

But it’s as if somehow fate has another mind of its own. I won’t know until all this plays out. My entire life has been a roller coaster, and now it seems it will come to a stop. I just need to know how to land.

He’s there to help me…And I’m there too. Somehow the answers are there…at Summer’s Landing.

Beautiful Girl: Modern Beauty and Beast

Releasing October 17, 2016


Beautiful Girl - Modern Beauty and Beast by Kailin Gow and S.L. Man


In this Happy Ever After Standalone Novel Series, the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast takes on a modern day twist with Beauty as a strong independent woman caught between the snares of the Beast Brothers, two brothers as different as night and day, who are the heirs to the billion dollar Beast Empire of stores.

Set on the steamy California coast, Beautiful Girl combines hot steamy romance, angsy desire, love, betrayal, and retribution into one explosive and surprising ending.

Kailin Gow is the author of over 250+ books with over millions of books sold. She is also a producer, tv host, and director.

S.L. Man is the name of Kailin Gow’s character in the tv dramedy series, Author A Parody, playing on Amazon Prime TV and other channels.